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9Jul 12 24

S3 Trampoline

Faster AND Cheaper? Bounce a few terabytes of data into SingleStore without paying cross-AZ transfer fees using a technique I’m calling the S3 Trampoline. Learn how it’s done.

8Jul 09 24

Load Data at GiB/s

I hate waiting for data loads. It’s time to stop waiting and load some data at speed. See how I set up a fast system to load over a terabyte of data and 2 billion rows into SingleStore in under 20 minutes.

7Jun 20 24

OpenAI Serving Up Nonsense

The magic of vector search comes from the model, but even today’s most sophisticated models might still be at the “first year at Hogwarts” level. See how I found some nonsensical results from OpenAI’s latest.

6May 20 24

The Edge of the World

The location search on weather.bingo is fast. Really — try it now. It just works, globally, with no third-party APIs required. With Vercel Edge functions, this sort of low-latency auto-complete is within the grasp of smaller sites on hobby plans. Learn how.

5May 06 24

Weather Bingo

Did it rain yesterday? The weather apps never tell you what the weather was, only what it will be. For time travelers and historians like myself, this is a major problem. Now with weather.bingo on the SingleStore Free Shared Tier I’ve solved that problem forever. Here’s how.

4Feb 26 24

BSON — The Gritty Details

I recently wrote an article on the SingleStore Engineering Blog on our use of the BSON Data Type in SingleStore’s latest release. That provides a brief overview of BSON in SingleStore — but what about the minute details of the type itself? Here’s an in-depth guide to the entirety of the BSON data type.

3Feb 25 24

Hire Some Web Workers

Hundreds of readers wrote to complain about the sluggish performance of the slider on the previous article. Fundamentally the non-SIMD version of the program took long enough to cause noticeable lag in the UI — because the thread used for DOM updates was also the one used for the long-running test. Here’s how I used Web Workers to fix it.

a fungus
2Feb 22 24

WebAssembly SIMD

NativeAOT-LLVM does not yet support SIMD through System.Numerics.Vector. However, it’s straightforward to reimplement the same functionality — if you don’t mind getting your hands a bit dirty with WebAssembly intrinsics in C. Here’s how.

a lichen
1Feb 21 24

Better DotNet WebAssembly

DotNet WebAssembly has been tied up with the Blazor project which is an awkward fit for use cases that don’t involve a Blazor UI. Now we have something better. NativeAOT-LLVM compiles C# to WebAssembly using LLVM, and makes interop with JavaScript and other languages like C/C++ straightforward. See how straightforward integration is with NextJS.

0Feb 21 24

Where Is The Content?

Most of the fun of having a personal website is in recreating it every few years…? This is the simplest layout yet, based on NextJS 14 App Router, DotNet 8, and Tractor Loader for image manipulation. I’ll recycle the content from my old site eventually and replay it here — message me on X/Twitter if there’s anything in particular you miss.